Single digital gateway

The establishment of Eastern Sicily’s SEZ aims to create favorable conditions for the settlement and development of small, medium and large-sized companies, increasing the appeal for foreign and national investments.

Tax-and-tariff incentives

Companies established within the Special Economic Zone can benefit from tax-and-tariff incentives designed to encourage and support investments.

These companies can specifically refer to the following financial support measures:

  • Tax credit
  • State budget for the financial year 2021 and multi-year budget for the three-year period 2021-2023

Submission of the administrative files

Companies interested in starting a new business subject to “Single Authorisation” can submit their project via SEZ’s Front Office.

The SEZ’s Front Office provides a specific “Prior Notification” form, designed to obtain a first evaluation of the project from the Government Commissioner.

Filing the “Prior Notification” form is strongly recommended to any entity interested in submitting a request for a “Single Authorisation”, if the Government Commissioner was not previously informed.

You can log into to the Single Digital Gateway of the following Municipalities: