GIS platform

Aiming to facilitate knowledge of the territory for companies already operating in Eastern Sicily and all the organizations interested in investing in the SEZ area, a pilot version* of the SEZ territorial information system is currently available.

The “GIS Platform” was developed in collaboration with the Port Authority of Eastern Sicily, the Region of Sicily and using the data provided by the Local and Territorial Entities.

This system allows users to view all the areas that constitute the SEZ and to know their geographical positioning, cadastral data, infrastructural characteristics, distances from the main logistical hubs, constraining regulations.

The “GIS Platform” will be enhanced with data from all the stakeholders in the process, so as to offer information also on the types of companies operating in the area, the investments in place and any other useful data to increase the zone attractiveness already in the consultation phase.

Click here to enter the geographic information system.

*Data will only be considered validated in the final version of the service. At the moment, the data made available by the relevant Authorities is presented.