Eastern Sicily SEZ internationalisation process: the Government Commissioner meets the U.S. Consul General

The Eastern Sicily SEZ continues the dialogue and interaction with qualified international counterparts, with the aim of publicising the SEZ system and attracting foreign investors.

Last March 23rd the Government Commissioner of the Eastern Sicily SEZ, Prof. Alessandro Di Graziano, was invited by the Consul General of the United States of America in Naples, Tracy Roberts Pounds, on board the US aircraft carrier “George W. H. Bush” – currently operating in the Southern Tyrrenian Sea -, as part of an institutional visit attended by the President of Sicily Region, Hon. Renato Schifani, the President of the Sicilian Parliament, Hon. Gaetano Galvano, and the Government Commissioner of the Western Sicily SEZ, Prof. Carlo Amenta.

The aim of the meeting was to highlight the essential role of Sicily in the relations between the United States and Italy and to present the economic and logistic potential of the island’s two SEZs for American companies interested in presiding over a fundamental crossroad between Europe, Africa and Asia.

Commissioner Di Graziano’s visit gives continuity to the cooperation between the Eastern Sicily SEZ and the US diplomatica representation in Italy, which began in 2022 with the meeting between the Commissioner and the previous US Consul General, Mary Avery.